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Posted: 16 Dec, 2016


Dear Parents/ Guardians,
It is pertinent we express our heartfelt gratitude to God first and also to you for all your numerous effort towards your child/ children development and the school throughout 2016. This year indeed brought a huge success in all sphere. And for this singular reason will pray that God always should richly reward and extend his Christmas benevolence to you all, in Jesus name Amen. Permit me to now say Happy Christmas to our esteemed parents and guardians.
We wish to bring the followings to your notice:
1. CLOSURE/VACATION: The school has officially closed today 16th December 2016, and all secondary school students should go to the school website www.galaxyschools.org.ng with their scratch card to obtain their result online and should often visit the school online site for any update. The vacation lasts until 9th January, on which each child is to resume for the second term. The Holiday assignments and projects as specified on the school website should be carried out during this vacation also
2. DRESSING: The school uniform is the school pride hence every child should be provided the right uniform within this December break because abuse and varying uniform among students won’t be tolerated by next year.
3. LEARNING MATERIALS: Parents are patient farmers hence should endeavor to provide the necessary materials for the academic development of their child/children by next year at least English and Mathematics are highly necessarily.
4. SCHOOL FEES: Our school fees remain the same, and it is as follow:
Nursery N 4200
Primary N 5100
Secondary N 8500 + N500 scratch card

NOTE: The Secondary student can visit any First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and pay into the following designated account details:
Account Name: Galaxy Gem Schools
Account Number: 3002605010
5. SCHOOL EXERCISE BOOK: The schools branded exercise book are now available at the bookshop at affordable prices.
6. EXAMINATION REGISTRATION: Registration for the following examination such as WAEC, NECO, BECE and FIRST SCHOOL LEAVING continues till 20th of January and any student that wishes to participate in the above mentioned exam but fails to pay before that 20th January will pay an extra fee stipulated by the examination body.
7. RESUMPTION DATE: The school will officially reopened on Monday 9th of January 2017 and all students will be expected in school to keep abreast of the resumption packages.
8. PTA MEETING: The first PTA meeting of 2017 will be communicated at resumption