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Galaxy Gem School is the leading center for teaching and learning in Aba.
Galaxy Gem School At A Glance
Galaxy Gem Schools is one of the top educational institutions in Abia State, located at a peaceful and well secured environment. Galaxy Gem School has established a strong academic tradition based on building children up to be confident and knowledgeable, resourseful and filled with enthusiasm to excel in all they do facing any challenge in life.
Students of Galaxy Gem School do not just have intellectual knowledge and superior skills; they know how to apply their knowledge and skills in practical and resourceful ways to help them get ahead in the world. They are curious knowing new things, understanding how they can positively impact their society and shape their future. Most of all they are filled with enthusiasm to excel. And our low pupils to teacher ratio, each child is able to receive individual attention in every regard.
Our Mission
To take great advantage of vacational studies, thus taking initiatives necessary to improve the quality of students training.
Our Goal
  1. To produce future entreprenuers who can compete at the global market & work force thereby taking their height across the boarders of our country Nigeria.
  2. To provide qualitative training with linkages to universities and industries hence ameloriate poverty, high school drop-outs and lack of skilled labourers.
  3. To blend a total independent mind, self motivated, brimming with confidence, well prepared to become a problem solver.
Our Vision
  1. To use all available resources in training students who can become job creators and wealth generators.
  2. To use our already existing equipments, seasoned staff and other entrepreneuarial endeaviour to provide the enabling environment where technical skill acquisition will be inherent by all and sundry.
Our Method
  • Good Appearance
  • Uniformity
  • Discipline
  • Sound Teaching and Learning
  • Field Trip Excutions
  • Expository/Practical Classes
  • Good Communication
  • Excellent Customer Care Service
  • Responsive Feedback System
  • Uniformity
Our Scope
  • Creche Section
  • Nursery Section
  • Primary Section
  • Junior Secondary Section
  • Senior Secondary Section
The school's bunch of laurel is better seen than described. Consequently several awards have been bagged from Institute of Industrial Administration (IIA), Aba South Local Government Authority (ABSLA), Inner City Mission (ICM), Global View for Youth Development (GVYD) to mention but a few for scholastic feat.
The school parades a board of well seasoned educators, and socially concious professionals led by the academic qualification and expertise, teaching experience and an ability to relate to young people from different backgrounds are the criteria by which Galaxy Gem School teachers are selected. Added to this, in-service training, workshops and seminars are organized by keeping staff up to date.
Galaxy Gem School are accredited by the Abia State Ministry of Education. We offer WAEC, NECO and Junior Secondary School Examinations for our students.
The Clubs
The school runs a five functional club system vis-a-vis
  • Jet Club: Exclusively for Science Students of the school. The club profers the fundamentals of Engineering, Technology and Science as a hub of world evolution.
  • Choral Club: Specializes in training star - singers in the school.
  • Debating Club: Equips eloquent speakers in debating and interaction.
  • Press Club: Brings up individuals who serve as the "Voice" of the school by a way of information.
  • Dramatic Club: Hornesses and develops artistic talents in the school.
Each club is head by a patron with a crew of students executive members.
Score Card

Chemistry Labouratory

Physics Labouratory

Our Structure